Get involved

Serrell Street is a family kindergarten. We encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities available to become involved. You and your child’s kindergarten experience will be enhanced by your family, the Committee and staff working together.

Research overwhelmingly demonstrates that family involvement and participation in children’s learning is positively related to achievement. We encourage and support your participation and involvement in the children’s programs and management of the kindergarten. Family involvement is vital. Here are some ways in which you can help:

  1. Kindergarten Committee and Administration
    A voluntary Committee consisting of parents/guardians is responsible for the efficient management of the kindergarten. This includes policy writing, staffing, financial affairs, enrolments, maintenance as well as overall administration.
    You are welcome to become a member of the Committee and get involved with the general running of the kindergarten. Whether you wish to hold a position or be an assistant, help is always required. The Committee meets every 2 months to discuss policies, general kindergarten matters and accounts. The Committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations are welcome from all members. Click here to find out about the various roles on the committee and nominate for a role.
  2. Kindergarten Duty

    We ask that you undertake kindergarten duty at least twice a term for 4 year old kindergarten and once a term for 3 year old kindergarten. Duties include assisting children with activities, clearing and setting tables for snack times, washing and cleaning jobs as specified and sorting children’s work into the work box. If your child attends kinder on the additional Friday, you may be required to do an extra duty per term.

    Kindergarten duty assists staff in the efficient running of each session and enables you to see, understand and value what your child/ren is doing at kindergarten. It is also a good opportunity for you to see your child/ren at work. Siblings are welcome to attend with you, however, they remain your responsibility and must be under your care and supervision at all times.

    Toward the end of term a blank duty roster will be placed by the attendance book. Please write your name against your selected session/s. Any remaining sessions will be allocated to families who have not yet volunteered. If you are unable to attend your rostered session, it is your responsibility to arrange either a swap with another person or for a substitute to attend. We welcome parents, grandparents and carers. Please notify the roster coordinator of any change.

  3. Working Bees

    We ask that you participate in one working bee throughout the year. A working bee involves approximately 3 hours on a Saturday morning.

    The Maintenance Officer coordinates a roster of parents/guardians to perform Working Bees to ensure the kindergarten’s equipment and grounds are maintained in a clean, safe and tidy manner. A roster is posted on the notice board and families notified of specific duties well in advance. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the Maintenance Officer if they cannot attend.

  4. Social Functions / Fundraising
    The Committee organises social/fundraising functions throughout the year. We encourage you to participate in these enjoyable functions to meet other families and help support the kindergarten.

    Functions may include family fun nights, dinners, trivia nights, film nights, children’s disco and so on. Everyone is encouraged to take part and is guaranteed a good time.  

  5. Recycling
    The kindergarten welcomes clean milk containers and other boxes, paper, wood off-cuts, ribbons, magazines etc. Please check the newsletter and/or recycling box in the kindergarten entrance foyer for resources currently required. Let the teacher know of any scrap materials you have access to. 
  6. Family Survey
    In line with current practice, Serrell Street conducts an Annual Survey of families within the kindergarten community. Your cooperation in completing this survey is of great benefit to ensure we continue to provide a valuable service and meet our regulatory requirements. 
  7. More ways you can help
    • Contributing ideas or stories from home
    • Sharing special talents (i.e. cooking, sewing, unusual pets)
    • Sharing special occupations (i.e. fireman, nurse, musician, carpenter)
    • Helping with kindergarten activities
    • Assisting with excursions/in-house activities
    • Collecting articles for specific activities
    • Being an enthusiastic volunteer (i.e. cover books, bring in bins/mail)