Kinder Committee

The Role of the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The PAC is a volunteer group of parents and community members who provide support and resources for the children’s program and provide responses to and reflect the community’s expectations of the service. Serrell Street families can choose to actively engage with Uniting by participating in the PAC. The PAC provides families with the opportunity to focus on enhancing their children’s experience, and connecting with the broader community. As an Early Years Management (EYM) organisation, Uniting is expected to engage families who use its early childhood services to ensure that the program is responsive to the needs of the local community. The PAC is the mechanism to facilitate feedback from families accessing Serrell Street Kindergarten regarding:

  • the objectives of the kindergarten and EYM organisation
  • the development of kindergarten policy, where appropriate
  • decisions that affect opportunities for families to be involved in a kindergarten program
  • development and delivery of the kindergarten program and service delivery, and any community issues or concerns to the EYM organisation
  • input into the future planning of the service
  • negotiated roles, like fundraising.

The PAC essentially supports the EYM organisation to deliver an effective service, which is guided by the EYM vision, the EYM Outcomes and any Performance Framework and the EYM Kindergarten Operating Guidelines.

Please note: all committee members are required to attend bi-monthly committee meetings. The Executive team – consisting of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary may meet more regularly as required.

Committee Roles


This person is the primary coordinator of the PAC and ensures tasks and roles are appropriately delegated and completed.  They:

  • Hold the key relationship with Early Childhood Cluster Coordinator and Service Coordinator/Director
  • Lead the PAC Meetings
  • Encourage participation by all members
  • Ensure the recording of all discussions and decisions is delegated and completed at each meeting
  • Ensure that all views are given equal consideration
  • Clarify points and summarise discussion where appropriate
  • Shares the key points from the UCVT Finance Report
  • Primary approver of the spending of fundraising money


Assumes the responsibilities of the Chairperson if they are unavailable during the course of the year.


This person is usually responsible for general correspondence and documentation related to meetings and communication. They:

  • Prepare and circulate basic agendas
  • Record discussions and decisions of the PAC and circulate to members


The coordinators develop Fundraising Plans for the coming year and ensure appropriate resources are assigned to enable the success of the PAC efforts. They:

  • Develop a strategic fundraising plan in collaboration with the PAC
  • Collect and deposit the incoming fundraising money into the Fundraising Account
  • Provide an update on the progress of fundraising activities
  • Secondary approver of the spending of fundraising money
  • Ensure all fundraising activities are conducted in a professional manner and meet the relevant legal and regulatory obligations, including the issuing of receipts if necessary


This is an essential role and the first point of contact for new families at Serrell Street Kindergarten. They support the ongoing viability of the service and are key to the planning of service delivery in the following year. This role is well supported by the Uniting enrolment assistant. They:

  • Assist with enquiries regarding the forthcoming enrolments
  • Liaise with and report to the Kindergarten Teacher and Uniting Early Childhood Cluster Coordinator regarding enrolments;
  • Ensure enrolment documentation is complete for all children attending the service eg. A copy of the Child’s birth certificate must be attached to their enrolment form.
  • Follow Uniting’s Enrolment Policy and Procedure


This person plays a vital role in ensuring any safety issues within the service are appropriately addressed. They do not undertake the work themselves, however when notified of an issue will contact the relevant person to ensure it is repaired or replaced as soon as possible. They:

  • Organise and supervise approximately 3 working bees per year
  • Consult with the Service Coordinator / Director, ensure a safety plan has been completed prior to each working bee. This is important due to Occupational Health and Safety requirements (as per the SafeCare Guide)
  • Organise minor repairs in consultation with the PAC and the Early Childhood Cluster Coordinator and the staff.


The Communications Coordinator is responsible for kinder communication including a regular newsletter, social media and the kinder website.  This includes:

  • gathering items for the newsletter from committee members and teacher’s reports.
  • Compilation and distribution of the newsletter
  • Liaising with UCVT in relation to the kinder website and updates
  • Coordination of kinder announcements via email, social media and the kinder website as appropriate.

Non-Committee Positions

The following positions are not required to attend the bi-monthly committee meetings, however, if they still need to be filled at the AGM and are important for the smooth running of our kinder.


The role of the Fundraising Assistants is to support the fundraising coordinators in organisation of all fundraising and social events for the year.  At the beginning of the year, the Fundraising Assistants will meet with the fundraising coordinators and assist in planning of events for the coming year.

The social and fundraising events organised vary from year to year and may include:
Term1 – Welcome BBQ
Term 2 – Mother’s Day Night Out, Fathers Night Out
Term 3 – Trivia Night
Term 4 – AGM, End of Year/Christmas BBQ.

Fundraising Assistants also organise catering for various events throughout the year.
These positions are very “hands on” and are perfect for someone who enjoys organising events and who likes to be involved socially within the kinder community.
It is also requested that the fundraising assistants will form the subcommittee for the Trivia Night supporting the Fundraising Coordinators.


Each group has a Class Representative to coordinate social functions throughout the year for their group.  Functions may include morning tea, dinner or a play in the park.  The Class Representative is also required to prepare a parent class help roster for their class each term as well as a parent class contact list at the beginning of the year.

Download the Expression of Interest Committee Form to nominate yourself to join our friendly committee.