Serrell Street Kindergarten Philosophy

We believe all children have the right to access high quality care and education.

We are guided by the UN Declaration on The Rights of the Child, ECA Code of Ethics, Child Safety Standards and The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF)

We provide a nurturing environment that enables confidence and self esteem to grow

We believe children’s learning and development is best supported through meaningful, purposeful and engaged play.

We are committed to supporting children in connecting to the natural world in order to build awareness of environmental and sustainable practices.

We warmly welcome families’ involvement and contributions to our kindergarten environment sharing culture and diversity and acknowledging parents as their child’s first teacher

We embrace the rights and inclusion of all children

We value a strong sense of belonging for children, families and educators to our kindergarten community

We liaise with families and support agencies to ensure all children reach their full potential

In practice we:

  • We offer a choice and variety of materials and play experiences
    Children have time and space to develop and learn at their own pace
  • We acknowledge all children as individuals
  • Both large and small group experiences are fostered to provide opportunities for all children contribute in their own individual way
  • Children are supported to make their own choices
  • Children are supported to resolve conflict with their peers
  • We encourage self help skills through our daily routines
  • We challenge children’s thinking and interests through stimulating and intentional teaching experiences, discussions and group work
  • We value and encourage children’s contributions and extend on their interests to be confident and involved learners
  • Learning spaces provide an abundance of sensory experiences supporting children’s engagement in imaginative play
  • Children come together at group times to share and exchange ideas with their peers, providing opportunities to develop social skills and confidence
  • Meal times can be progressive or with the whole group and allow for flexibility
  • We provide many opportunities to engage with literacy and numeracy experiences daily
  • We encourage sustainability to support our children in becoming environmentally responsible